Birth Stories
February 25, 2021

Homebirth during lockdown

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Now a lot of people think that there is no point preparing or that doing it online will not have the same effect!

Here is an amazing birth story that really proves that regardless of how you learn with Empowered Bumps you can still ROCK IT!! Many Many congratulations again Rebecca, Oli and the whole family!

Rebecca said: “I was flicking through Facebook one day when I happened to see one of Jenie’s posts. Being pregnant with our third baby I had pretty much decided that labour and birth were just things you had to ‘get through’, that it wouldn’t be a pleasant experience but it was something that had to be done. But Jenie’s post intrigued me, she talked about being in control and empowered and this made me want to know more.

I spoke with Jenie over the phone and following this my husband, Oli, and I decided to enrol onto a hypno birthing plus course. We did an online course due to lockdown but despite this we got so much info from Jenie and I felt so much more informed and in control this time around. When my due date came and went with no sign of him arriving, as much as I wanted our baby to arrive, I was able to stay calm and make informed choices about my plans for labour and birth.

As the next few days passed by I spoke to doctors and I was able to ask questions and understand the risks and benefits for both me and our baby. The support we had from Jenie around making informed choices and using the BRAIN technique really helped me to remain focused on what the right choices were for us.

At six days over my due date I began to feel that something might be happening. I had been having surges in and off all day and as the day wore on these were becoming more intense. I still felt able to breath through then though and felt calm and ready to meet our new arrival. I had planned on a home birth and so that night Oli prepared our living room making it comfortable with cushions and soft lighting as well as using our essential oil defuser.

We settled down together and watched some TV enjoying each other’s company knowing that we would soon meet our baby. My surges became more frequent and at 10.30 we decided to start timing them. They were coming around every five minutes so Oli called triage at around eleven. I was still able to remain calm and breath through my surges, using techniques I had learnt from Sharon, and we kept reaffirming the fact that soon our third little boy would be with us.

The midwives arrived at around 11.45pm and from then on my surges became more and more intense. I kept the thought of meeting our new baby at the forefront of my mind and having the support of Oli who kept me focused and in the zone when I needed him helped immensely. The midwives gave us space, only asking to monitor baby’s heart rate but generally allowing me to do what came naturally.

I was able to ask for gas and air when I felt I needed it and was free to move around when I needed to. When I felt the urge to push I was able to find a position that felt right for me. Oli sat with me and was able to keep reaffirming that we would meet our little boy soon, as well as telling me he loved me and how I could have a glass of wine soon ????.

Throughout this fine stage I felt in tune with my body and understanding what was happening made me feel able to focus and feel how my body was working to birth our baby. At just after 2am we welcomed baby Ewan into the world. I was able to have some skin to skin time with him. However he was a little cold so had to be wrapped up wicker than planned. Despite this i simply felt happy that he was with us and that throughout labour and birth I had remained in control, focused and hadn’t panicked.

I would recommend hypno birthing without a shadow of a doubt. I was somewhat of a sceptic to begin with but knowing how much Jenie’s course helped me has changed my outlook. It’s all about mindset and I was definitely given the tools to change my outlook on labour and birth for the better. So thank you Jenie for all your help and support. It definitely paid off!”

If you want to prepare for birth like Rebecca with a Hypnobirthing PLUS course give me a shout. We are back in person but this amazing lady is proof that even if we do go back online you can still feel supported and benefit from our courses!