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Nurturing Baby Massage is lovely way to introduce your baby to positive touch and yourself as a new mum to the world of baby classes and life with a baby.   Our nurture course focuses on bonding and attachment, gentle massage strokes and building up a community around you.  Each week learn how to safely massage a different area of your babies body gradually building up to a full body massage.


Join our LIVE Nurturing Baby Massage five week course suitable from newborn. 

Our online and live courses take place via the online platform ZOOM which can be really easily accessed through a phone, tablet or laptop. 

Learn how to massage your baby safely and make some new mummy friends.  All sessions are one hour long with an option to be added to a ‘What’s App’ chat with everyone who is in your course.

As well as the LIVE course you get access to the pre recorded online course which has videos of all the massage strokes, mini mindset tools AND playlists to help support you throughout the transition to being a new mummy.  This alone is worth £25!! 



£28 for the 5 week LIVE course via ZOOM including 5 weeks access to the video online course. 


pre recorded online baby massage course 

Prefer an online course that you can work through in your own time? 

We have created a pre recorded option which is perfect if you cannot commit to the same time every week. This option includes mini mindset tools, uplifting playlists and blogs we think you will love. 

Our pre recorded course is £25 for 5 week access. 

Every week another module ‘unlocks’ so you can gradully work up to a full body like the LIVE classes by week 5. 

*** Please speak to your medical provider if you or your baby have any medical conditions which may be effected when doing baby massage.  This includes heart and circulation problems. 



(from newborn)


  • Let me tell you this …. motherhood can be lonely.  We can often be caught up in how we ‘should’ have a shit together and know what we are doing because social media lets us believe that life for everyone else is perfect.  However  the reality for a lot of new mums is that its  exhausting, lonely and nothing like that they expected.  The day dream of daily coffee shop meetups with friends and walks around the park are in fact replaced with the reality that getting even out of the house showered is a struggle yet no one talks about! I want to help. You are NOT alone! 

The ‘Nurturing Baby Massage PLUS’ course has been born from MANY, MANY women talking to me about what they would have liked when they became a mummy.  So here it is.  An offering like no other.  A baby class focused around YOU. The giver of life.  The woman who puts everyone else’s needs before her own, whose class is never even half full and if it was then it would most certainly be cold and microwaved at least 3 times!

So here is the run down of what you can expect….

  • A nurturing baby massage course suitable from newborn focusing on bonding, attachment and positive touch progressing by week 6 with an introduction to baby yoga with gentle stretches and parachute play.  A fun and interactive way to bond with your baby as they get bigger. .  The perfect induction to baby classes at The Hart Space, a stunning venue created with mums in mind.
  • Every week after massaging your baby you will have your drink topped up and enjoy yummy cake and fruit (at a table … yes a table! You don’t need to sit on a floor which for those of you with kids already you will understand how wonderful this is!!) 
  • Each week will be slightly different and the course will include:
    • Mini indian head massage or hand massage 
    • Guided dreamy relaxation 
    • Positive affirmation making to re affirm how freaking amazing YOU ARE 
    • Foot print cards of your little bundle to take home 

In addition to all this you will also get: 

  • Your own 100% organic massage oil bottle to use at home 
  • Mini goody bag full of treats for you! 
  • Handout of the massage strokes to help you practice at home
  • Access to the online nurturing baby massage course (5 weeks access) 
  • Certificate 
  • Whats App group (optional) so you can keep in contact with the other lovely mummies in the course throughout the week 

AND if that wasn’t enough you will receive 1 week sling hire from Southport Sling Library as part of the course!

when and how much


Terms and Conditions for Baby Classes: 

I am a small local business with a young family of my own. I do my best to provide the best and most amazing courses for you. I spend a lot of time planning my courses to make sure you feel nurtured and special.  

Once a course has been booked no refunds or transfers will be given.   When a course has been booked that space is yours. Cancelling a course means I then have to try and re fill the space which depending on how close to the course it is may be hard which would mean I would be loosing a place which could have been taken by someone else. 

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