'Empower My Birth'



I know what you are thinking.  Feeling like superwoman is so far removed from how you have seen people give birth in the TV or maybe even how it was last time.  I get it, I do!  We are almost brainwashed from such a young age to believe that birth is something we have to ‘endure’ to get our baby at the end. 

I am here to tell you, you have options, you have rights and you can totally do this, feeling supported, strong and really freaking good… however it happens!

Since 2016 Empowered Bumps has helped HUNDREDS of couples feel strong, supported and empowered throughout pregnancy, labour and birth, and the best bit,... we can help you too! 

P.S If you are a previous client and want to book a refresher course, give me a shout.  

They say knowedge is power, they are not wrong!

How true is this,  in basically every aspect of life, birth is no different.  However it can be tricky to navigate systems, knowing what is best for you and your baby. 

The good news, Our 'Empower My Birth' course is tried and tested (by hundreds of couples).  It's a powerful combination of antenatal education to give you confidence, Hypnobirthing tools and techniques to increase comfort and unbiased information to enable you to make INFORMED decisions, best for YOU and YOUR baby.  

In addition to the course itself, you get loads of pre recorded sessions, perfect for practicing at home as well as ongoing support and monthly masterclasses until you have your baby! 

So, how can you empower your birth?

There are a few different ways of learning with us: 

Small group courses at The Hart Space, our own stunning studio in Southport.  In Crosby, Liverpool at the super lovely Baby Bears Den or at Cedar Farm in Ormskirk.  Zoom group courses are also available. 

Privately in your own home, we cover Merseyside, Lancashire and North/ West Manchester in person  (so Southport, Formby, Crosby, Liverpool, Wigan, Chorley, Preston, Leyland and everywhere between) or online through zoom. 

All our courses include ongoing support and loads of additional content, such as a Mindful Breastfeeding Workshop & Introduction to Baby Massage, as well as all our jam packed client hub. 


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Private Hypnobirthing Classes

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Refresher Classes

previously done a course with us? book onto a group course and get £50 off to help get you back feeling pumped!


What we do

Group Classes - 6 hours of hypnobirthing coaching plus additional video content to work through, personalised support if your circumstances change or you have a wobble, ongoing group support.


Private Classes - We have two options available on a 1:1 basis.  A four hour intensive or refresher course, perfect if you are fast approaching your guess date or have learnt hynobirthing before. Or a nine hour course.  1:1 courses take place in your own home, our Southport studio or on zoom. 


Refresher Classes - Already done hypnobirthing with us in the past and want a top up?  You have two options.... you can book onto a group hypnobirthing PLUS course and get £100 off  OR you can book a 1:1 refresher in your own home. 


Relaxation Audio

Downloadable relaxation MP3’s to use during pregnancy, labour, and birth

Personalised Support

Personalised support if your circumstances change or you have a wobble to get you back feeling pumped and ready

On Demand video course

A video course split into bite size chunks to follow at home focusing on comfort techniques, breathing and yoga

Group Support

What’s App group chat with all the other parents to be from your group so you can build a community

Monthly Meetups

Monthly meet-ups with us and other parents to make friends and get support (when guidelines allow!)

Coffee & Dinner

When things return to normal we will resume our coffee, drinks and meal out meet ups in person (we have even been to Bongo’s Bingo in the past .. obviously when you have had your baby!!)

Interactive Work Book

The Empowered Bumps interactive workbook (you can’t get this anywhere else!)

Birth Boards

Materials to make your own ‘birth board’

Mindful Breastfeeding Workshop

A video workshop perfect for getting started with breastfeeding

Introduction to Baby Massage Video

Hosted by Jenie, and great for helping to settle baby

Exclusive Empowered Bumps Content

Access to the Empowered Bumps client only recourse area (on the website) filled with affirmations, links and additional relaxation scripts



Small group courses in one of our stunning studios or on zoom

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**Please note deposits are non-refundable. Once a deposit is received you have access to client-only content, relaxation MP3s, and can book your additional sessions. You are booking on to a course to prepare for the birth of your baby knowing we are in the middle of a global pandemic and things are changing all the time. It is our intention to offer the courses above in person. If the guidelines change and we are not able to run in-person the courses will take place on the same day and time as you are booking onto but through ZOOM an online platform. Should you not be able to attend due to self-isolation (but you are well) you will be able to attend virtually the course through zoom. Please read the FULL terms and conditions when booking.


After years of feedback, listening to people just like you we developed our ‘signature’ course. It’s tried, tested and delivers BIG results!  Since 2016 Empowered Bumps has worked with hundreds of couples.   Don't just take our word for it, take a read of some of the empowering birth stories, from people who have done the 'Empower My Birth' course! 

Want to find out when you can prepare like these guys? 

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Steph & Richard

When we found out we were expecting our first baby I knew that hypnobirthing was a must; I am medically anxious and felt my mind needed diverting from the all too popular ‘one born every minute’ type experiences.

Aimee & Gary

"I genuinely feel like I was in control, calm and focused throughout and I do not believe I would have been without Jenie’s hypnobirthing course. The tips Jenie gave us made what could have been a stressful labour and birth, a positive one."