Birth Stories
February 3, 2021

Stephs Wonderful Birth Story

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When we found out we were expecting our first baby I knew that hypnobirthing was a must; I am medically anxious and felt my mind needed diverting from the all too popular ‘one born every minute’ type experiences.

My husband, Richard and I attended a one day hypnobirthing course with Jenie at Empowered Bumps. Not only did we learn the ‘science’ behind giving birth and very clever techniques to deal with it, we learnt about our rights, created our birth plan(s) and inspirational birth boards in preparation for the big day!

Our ideal birth scenario was to remain at home for as long as possible to keep the oxytocin flowing, and to hopefully experience a water birth once at hospital.

Our ‘due date’ 3rd November came & went, so we continued to prepare ourselves practising the techniques learnt.
8th November (my ‘guess date’!) consisted of a cosy day at home in front of the fire, candles lit eating our favourite foods. As I giggled at I’m a Celebrity I felt what I thought was braxton hicks returning – only this time there was a pattern! I was SO excited, was this what we had been waiting for?!

The surges were coming every 5-6 minutes so Richard fitted my Tens machine and set up our environment with candles, fairy lights, aromatherapy and ‘feel good television’ as we had planned. The surges grew more intense very quickly, just 1 and a half minutes apart!

I coped using the fantastic breathing techniques Jenie taught us and asked Richard to call the hospital. The midwife advised I could either stay at home or come in to be examined, I was aware that I may be sent back home again and also didn’t want to initiate any ‘medical/hospital’ anxiety so I chose to stay at home and keep the oxytocin flowing. Richard ran me a candlelit bath, where the surges seriously ramped up and I felt the most powerful urge to ‘push’ I knew I needed to get to hospital straight away however the urges were so strong & frequent I struggled to move.
Somehow Richard managed to get me dressed (whilst my waters were releasing) pack the car and get me to hospital in less than 15 minutes (my HERO!)

Upon arrival I allowed the midwife to examine me and to my elation she said “Wow, you are fully dilated! That’s how it’s done, let’s go have a baby!” And what’s more I was coping with zero pain relief, little anxious me was ‘doing it!’

We were taken straight to delivery suite into a lovely private room, where the lights were dimmed and Richard prepared the room with our aromatherapy & the most amazing playlist I will never forget!

Swapping the tens machine for gas & air the midwife told me there was no time to run the pool and to go with surges using my breathing techniques. I chose to stay up right leaning over the back of the bed which worked fantastically, until I had to go on a monitor for babies safety. I distinctively remember looking at my hands and saying to Richard “Look, I don’t have any canulas in my hands!” I felt so free & empowered.

Just two hours after arriving at hospital our beautiful baby girl Amelie was born into the most beautiful, calm & natural setting to the sound of Norah Jones ‘Sunrise’ at 3:16am.

Our birth of dreams, which I know would not have been possible without Jenie’s help & guidance and of course the ongoing practise. I honestly could not recommend hypnobirthing highly enough to any expectant mother. Thank you empowered bumps!