Hypnobirthing PLUS, Antenatal & Pregnancy Classes in Southport & Crosby, Liverpool

Are you ready to up your birth prep game?  This is for you if you want MORE than a 'standard' pregnancy and antenatal class.  Our classes are doula led, which means all the things we teach, we actually do when supporting someone who is in labour and giving birth!   

Join the HUNDREDS and hundreds of people who have prepared for birth with us since 2016.  

Our classes are held in Southport at our own studio The Hart Space &  in Crosby, Liverpool. 



Hypnobirthing PLUS
& Antenatal Classes

Listen, we know it can be really daunting and sometimes a bit scary looking into things. Our tried and tested courses have enabled HUNDREDS of parents unleash their own power and feel in control throughout pregnancy, labour and birth! 

Hypnobirthing courses in southport

Hypnobirthing PLUS & Antenatal Classes

Listen, we know it can be really daunting and sometimes a bit scary looking into things. Our tried and tested courses have enabled HUNDREDS of parents unleash their own power and feel in control throughout pregnancy, labour and birth!

Interactive & Fun

Evidence Based

5 Star Rated

Tried & Tested

Pregnancy relaxation and yoga classes near Liverpool

Birth Trauma
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Hypnobirthing PLUS &
Antenatal Classes

£215 - £450

Pregnancy Relaxation, Breathing & Yoga

£10 - £50

Nurturing Baby
Massage & Baby Yoga

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" I can honestly say that I found giving birth to be such an amazing and empowering experience, and didn’t feel as if I could describe what I felt as painful. I turned to Colin about 5 minutes after Otis was born and said “well that was ok, I’d do that again”, and I can’t wait for the next time! I’m so grateful to Jenie and Sharron for helping me to have such a positive experience. "

01 ------- Rhiannon

"Jenie is amazing! I was really anxious about the birth of baby no. 4, and the whole experience was so much better this time, even with lockdown restrictions, thanks to her. No matter what number child you are on it's not too late to get help! Can highly recommend to everyone."

02 ------- Jenny V
"I did the stereotypical man thing, went along with it for an easy life. How glad I am now that we went, the sessions were massively informative for me and put my mind at rest about a number of issues. Jenny supportively targeted a lot of information, things to do or tools for me to use to help my wife and baby- overall it made me feel much more included in the labour and birth"
02 ------- Rob

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Our Birth Stories

Wigan Hypnobirthing with Empowered Bumps

Calm, supported and empowered

Birth Stories

“I breathed through my contractions, listening to my midwife and staying calm throughout.” “I felt completely in control of what was happening” “I don’t think I/we would have managed the whole process quite so well if we hadn...

Induction birth with Empowered Bumps Hypnobirthing in Ormskirk Maternity Unit

Positive induction story

Birth Stories

Hi Jenie Just wanted to let you know that our little boy arrived safe and sound on 1st September  I also wanted to share my birth story with you as it’s definitely not the standard hypnobirthing story that you hear a lot of! I was over...

water birth in ormskirk hypnobirthing ormskirk

The birth of Freddie

Birth Stories

I picked up Charlie from Liverpool airport on Sunday night after he was delayed getting back from Ireland. It was such a relief! I knew at that point he would be there for the arrival of baby Ford, whenever he or she decided to make an a...

Ormskirk Maternity Empowered Bumps Hypnobirthing

This girl can … and she did!

Birth Stories

“Birth storyI was induced with my first baby for going “overdue” (41+6) and had a great easy birth so didn’t feel like another induction would be the end of the world, but wasn’t keen on all the extra monitoring so was hoping l...

hypnobirthing and induction

The power of a positive mind

Birth Stories

I gave birth to a gorgeous little boy on 26th July at 8.14pm. After reduced movement I had to be induced at 7am on 25th July – this was the one thing that I was dreading throughout my pregnancy. I didn’t require a full induction as m...

hypnobirthing classes in southport

The surprise home birth

Birth Stories

Rebecca and Lee had already done classes with me for their first baby and joined me again for baby number two.  “Our lovely little girl arrived last week, after an incredibly quick and easy labour. We took part in a Hypnobirthing Plus ...

ormskirk maternity

Helens breech abdominal birth

Birth Stories

I reached out to Jeni when I found out I was pregnant with baby no.2 and set my heart on a natural birth after having to have a caesarean with my little boy due to him being extended breech. I chose to sign up to the pregnancy package so...

home birth in southport

The light of the moon in our lives

Birth Stories

“Luchia Luna Iorini the light of the moon and our lives What an amazing and empowering adventure we have been on to welcome this little fiesty girl in to the world. I hypnobirthed my way through a 58 hour labor which yep sounds traumat...

induction birth

Welcome to the world

Birth Stories

Thank you for all of your advice, help and support throughout the relaxation classes I’ve attended. They helped me so much with the birth of Edward. Athough I wasn’t completely free from nerves before labour and unfortunately didn’...

induction birth story

Informed and prepared

Birth Stories

Jessica said: “I started attending the Pregnancy relaxation classes with Jen when I was around 16 weeks pregnant. I had only just moved to the area and this was my first Pregnancy, so everything was new to me and after reading all the ...

Liverpool Womens Maternity

The birth is Sia

Birth Stories

Jemma and her husband prepared for birth using hypnobirthing and pregnancy relaxation classes to top up the positive vibes.  This is the incredible birth of Sia.   Many congratulations Jemma xx  “Everyone has asked me what my experienc...

c section birth story hypnobirthing in southport


Birth Stories

CONGRATULATIONS! Victoria and her husband welcomed their beautiful baby girl on 23rd May.  Victoria sent me this to share with you all.  “I imagine a lot of people might consider our birth experience to be a negative one. But we honest...

c section hypnobirth birth story

Totally in love

Birth Stories

We met our gorgeous little girl yesterday by caesarean at 15:59 weighing 8Ibs 3. Still hasn’t got a name bless her but we are totally in love  Even though it wasn’t the original birth plan, I used my hypnobirthing stills the entire t...

induction birth story hypnobirthing

Fionas incredible birth.

Birth Stories

This was my third baby and my second baby using hypnobirthing. Since having my little boy 18 months ago I had carried on researching birth and my rights and choices particularly about induction. Both my previous babies were born 16 days ...

hypnobirthing in southport

Calm & Supported home birth

Birth Stories

Adeline Rose D born 22nd June 2019 weighing a perfect 7lb8oz ???? ????“My Hypnobirthing is the reason why I had such an amazing labour and birth.”????” I had reached 8cm on my own using the amazing production of oxytocin!!! I was ...

Ormskirk Maternity Birth

The wonderful birth of Rowan

Birth Stories

Bec said: “We attended Jens fantastic hypnobirthing course, and I still remember it like it was yesterday!I felt really anxious about the birth and wanted to find a way to help me overcome that anxiety. We spent 2 amazing days in the m...

The calm birth I had visualised

Birth Stories

The birth of India Shared with permission. Many many congratulations to Grace and Jordan. This beautiful couple welcomed India into the world at home feeling completely supported and prepared. Grace said: “Welcome to the world Baby Gir...

home birth

Homebirth during lockdown

Birth Stories

Now a lot of people think that there is no point preparing or that doing it online will not have the same effect! Here is an amazing birth story that really proves that regardless of how you learn with Empowered Bumps you can still ROCK ...

Water birth in Ormskirk Maternity

Lockdown couldn’t stop these guys!

Birth Stories

‘A first time mummy in lockdown wasn’t what I had planned but I tried to do everything I could to control the controllables and let the rest of the crazy world do it’s thing around me. My husband & I did the hypnobirthing course on...

water birth in Preston

Empowered & Supported

Birth Stories

Surprise baby boy – Otis Robert 20/10/2020 41+2 weeks 9lb 1oz Preston Birth Centre (MLU) – Grasmere Suite Hypnobirthing, TENS machine, gas and air, pool (water birth) Pregnancy When I first found out I was pregnant back in February, ...

Home birth

Incredible unplanned home birth.

Birth Stories

Welcome to the world. A MUST READ (unplanned home birth). Many, many congratulations to Charlotte and Dan on the birth of their 2nd hypno-baby with us. Another unplanned home birth for these guys and they ROCKED IT!!! “During this Covi...

Hypnobirthing Classes Liverpool


Birth Stories

????????????Shared with permission????????????The birth of Clark.EMPOWERED, CONFIDENT and STRONG ???????? A MUST read ⬇️⬇️⬇️ ????7pm Oh my Lord! Never been more proud of Michelle for what she is putting her body through, she...


Birth Stories

So I decided to do Jenie’s hypnobirthing class with my second pregnancy as with my first baby I had a unplanned Caesarean so I knew second time round another one was quite possible. Although I did want a vbac things changed at the hosp...

Hypnobirthing courses in southport

Stephs Wonderful Birth Story

Birth Stories

When we found out we were expecting our first baby I knew that hypnobirthing was a must; I am medically anxious and felt my mind needed diverting from the all too popular ‘one born every minute’ type experiences. My husband, Richard ...

Aimees Wonderful Birth Story

Birth Stories

Aimee said: “I was fortunate to have a pretty straightforward pregnancy and I was generally feeling very positive throughout butI was keen to ensure I also remained positive for the birth and being a first time mum, I wanted to make su...

Hollies Girl Power

Birth Stories

My birth story wasn’t the one that I wanted to be writing or would it be anyone’s plan A birth, but it was still a positive one. However, without Jenie’s help, hypnobirthing course and relaxation classes, I don’t think that would...

“I was in the zone”

Birth Stories

It gives me SO MUCH JOY to be able to share this story with you!  These guys found me after being recommended by THREE couples they know who had also done courses with me over the last few years. When I was sent their birth story I cried...

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