Hypnobirthing PLUS
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Listen, we know it can be really daunting and sometimes a bit scary looking into things. Our tried and tested courses have enabled HUNDREDS of parents unleash their own power and feel in control throughout pregnancy, labour and birth! 

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Pregnancy relaxation and yoga classes near Liverpool

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Hypnobirthing PLUS &
Antenatal Classes

£215 - £450

Pregnancy Relaxation, Breathing & Yoga

£10 - £50

Nurturing Baby
Massage &

£40 - £99
" I can honestly say that I found giving birth to be such an amazing and empowering experience, and didn’t feel as if I could describe what I felt as painful. I turned to Colin about 5 minutes after Otis was born and said “well that was ok, I’d do that again”, and I can’t wait for the next time! I’m so grateful to Jenie and Sharron for helping me to have such a positive experience. "

01 ------- Rhiannon

"Jenie is amazing! I was really anxious about the birth of baby no. 4, and the whole experience was so much better this time, even with lockdown restrictions, thanks to her. No matter what number child you are on it's not too late to get help! Can highly recommend to everyone."

02 ------- Jenny V
"I did the stereotypical man thing, went along with it for an easy life. How glad I am now that we went, the sessions were massively informative for me and put my mind at rest about a number of issues. Jenny supportively targeted a lot of information, things to do or tools for me to use to help my wife and baby- overall it made me feel much more included in the labour and birth"
02 ------- Rob

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