What’s Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a birth preparation course which aids you to release the fear of birth, allowing you to enjoy the day you birth your baby and feel in control.  A typical hypnobirthing course (I teach ‘Hypnobirthing PLUS’ so all this and MORE)  includes information to enable you to understand the birth process and how to work with your body and baby. Information about the birth process, some courses include information on interventions such as induction and caesareans.   Courses usually include a selection of relaxation and breathing practices to use throughout pregnancy, labour and birth. 

By studying hypnobirthing you are better equipping yourself for birth, some might say ‘stacking the odds in your favour’ learning how to navigate the different stages and are able to make informed decisions should the need arise. 

Hypnobirthing is suitable for any type of birth, YES even an elective caesarean and is perfect to learn anytime after 18 weeks gestation.  It is amazing to learn hypnobirthing with your birth partner (your birth partner can be anyone you like as long as you trust them and they are there to support you) so they know how to support you fully during pregnancy, labour and birth. 

I don’t just teach a hypnobirthng course, I teach ‘Hypnobirthing PLUS’ which includes all the above and LOADS of practical and physical tecniques to help you throughout pregnancy and labour as well as pregnancy yoga, additional sessions outside of the course and client only areas …. If this sounds up your street, then scroll down to find out about ‘Hypnobirthing PLUS’ – the Empowered Bumps  programme. 

Hypnobirthing PLUS

What is ‘Hypnobirthing PLUS’? Its the Empowered Bumps way to Hypnobirth! 

This is for women (and birth partners) who want to step it up a notch ….or 10!  

‘Hypnobirthing PLUS’ is exactly what it suggests.  Its MORE than a typical hypnobirthing course, its interactive and is really centred around hands on practical techniques to help increase your comfort levels throughout pregnancy, labour and birth.  These elements are not included in a ‘normal’ hypnobirthing course.  This is for people who want to feel pumped, prepared and empowered.    

The ‘Hypnobirthing PLUS’ programme perfectly combines a full hypnobirthing course with a whole lot of extras outlined below. 

Pregnancy Yoga – Sharron a very experienced pregnancy yoga teacher joins us during a course.  She will show you AND your birth partner how to move into different birth positions, additional breathing practices, ways to move to feel more comfortable in pregnancy, to find space and feel supported.

Rebozo – A technique using a scarf (called a rebozo) which I teach to all birth partners.  This is used to aid relaxation and raise comfort levels and can also help baby into a more optional birth position.  This is a very hands on element of the course which is great for birth partners who want to physically do something. 

Aromatherapy for Childbirth – We look at five essential oils safe to use during labour.  What they can be used for, how to use them and when.  Aromatherapy can aid relaxation and help you to remain focused. 

Pregnancy Relaxation – In addition to the course, mummies to be are invited to attend an additional pregnancy relaxation session.  These sessions are a lovely way to meet other mummies to be in your area and to ‘top up’ the positive vibes!

Client only resource area – All Hypnobirthing PLUS clients will be given access to the client only area on the website full of useful links, videos, additional relaxation scripts to those supplied within a course, additional course notes, birth affirmations and editable birth plans.  

Life long friendships – Group courses are small in size so you get to really bond with the others on your course.  Before the course ends we set up a What’s App group and arrange a meet up for when everyone has had their babies.  It’s a fab way of building up a community around you before the big day creating the perfect foundation for life long friendships. 

Birth pool – I bring along my birth pool (it’s not filled up so no need for your swim wear!) to all courses so you can see what one looks like and hop in if you fancy.  

Welcome gift – A beautiful gift from me to you from Apothecary Oils at Cedar Farm.  A selection of treats for you to go home with to pamper yourself ahead of the big day. 

Materials – The Calm Birth School Book, downloadable relaxation MP3’s additional ‘Empowered Bumps’ course notes to further support you.

The 'Empowered Bump to Baby Programme'

This programme is the best of both worlds, a small group course to build a foundation for lifelong friendships with the added benefits of private 1:1 sessions and ongoing support. I want you to feel supported, nurtured, special and confident from the very beginning.   

The ‘Empowered Bump to Baby programme’ includes:

‘Hypnobirthing PLUS’ small group course.

An additional pregnancy relaxation session for mummies to be (Wednesday evenings).

A pregnancy yoga class with Sharron (Tuesday evenings).

Ongoing support for both you and your birth partner via text, DM and phone until you have your baby.

Two x 1:1 sessions prior to having your baby via skype or face to face.

The ‘Align Your Baby’ online programme by NISSA ‘The Hypnobirthing Midwife’ – A 10 video online programme for you to work through at home in your own time to help get your baby into an optional position for labour.  

Access to my library of birth related books.

10% off placenta encapsulation with ‘Pure Placenta’.


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