Birth Stories
February 25, 2021

Welcome to the world

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Thank you for all of your advice, help and support throughout the relaxation classes I’ve attended. They helped me so much with the birth of Edward.

Athough I wasn’t completely free from nerves before labour and unfortunately didn’t avoid induction having already gone through it with Harriet , I was a lot less nervous than before my first labour and I felt so much more informed this time round . I don’t believe I would have felt like this without attending your classes.

I certainly never imagined I’d get to 6 Cm dilated on just paracetamol and breathing alone before needing a bit of gas and air to help me through. The Midwife’s commented on my breathing and calm attitude.
I found strength and determination that I never knew I had.
I feel very proud of myself and over the moon with the prize I got at the end!

Thanks for the Rabozzo too when I was overdue it was very relaxing and what I needed for the aches I was experiencing.

I used my birth affirmations right throughout labour and your pressure point recommendations,m. these both helped me so much along with the other many tips for labour that you gave throughout your classes.

I will certainly be recommending your classes to others.
Thanks again .