'Grow With Me' - Starts with Baby Massage and moves onto Baby Mindful & Baby Yoga as your little one gets bigger

Baby classes that are as special as you are! Longer sessions, themed classes, treats for you and more. 

Now these are a little bit special! 

A baby class that doesn't just focus on your baby, they focus on YOU too! 

Our 'Grow With Me' baby classes start with our signature nurturing baby massage and as baby gets older progresses onto our fun filled baby yoga classes.  

Read more about our special course below.

What is it?

A longer block of sessions starting off with our signature nurturing baby massage classes; focusing on soothe and settle techniques, helping to ease discomfort from wind, teething and constipation taking you all the way up to fun filled yoga classes with swings, dips and stretches.

Classes are longer than our 'normal' classes making sure you have plenty of time to get comfy, feed, change baby and have a right good chat.

You meet the same people every week, so there is no stressful waiting list situation attempting to book on to another round with all your friends and there are lots of special little bonuses along the way too like photo backdrops, foot printing, themed classes and mini treats for you.

Every week enjoy a hot drink (made for you!) and lots of sweet treats over a right good natter, with people who really 'get it'.

These classes are ideal if you baby is under 16 weeks of age when starting.


The Grow With Me blocks differ in length depending on the school holidays.  Booking links are below and places can be booked with a deposit with the balance due 1 month before the end of the course.


Drinks and sweet treats every session

Classes that grow with you and your baby

Treats for you

Keepsake foot printing

Seasonal special classes (Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Mothers day, Fathers Day etc)

Organic Massage Oil

Sensory Scarf

Invitation to our mummy social events

What's App chat with the others in your group

Upcoming courses:

Our Grow With Me courses run on staggered start dates so you are never too far  away from one of our lovely blocks of classes.

Grow With Me courses work on staggered start dates meaning you are never too far away from the next course! 

The Grow With Me course is suitable for babies under 16 weeks when starting ideally and is suitable from newborn.

Check out the booking page to see our upcoming courses or get in touch on 07903117772.