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Empower My Birth - Hypnobirthing PLUS

We loved our online, zoom courses so much over lockdown we have decided to make them a permanent offering! 

Our online courses taking place on a weekday evening have not one but TWO Hypnobirthing instructors!! Yep, you read that right TWO instructors! 

Now be warned, this is NOT a ‘standard’ course.  This is  ONLY for people who want to step it up a notch…. or 10!   Our courses are live, interactive and focus on different types of birth, and how you CAN rock it, however it goes.  So if you are after a course that only focuses on a ‘natural, pain free, drug free, orgasmic’ birth then our courses are not for you! 

Our online birth preparation courses cover ALL the content you would get during our in person offerings but from the comfort of your own home.  So you can kick back, put your PJ’s on, eat your tea or snuggle up if you want to! 

You deserve the BEST birth preparation, where you feel heard, supported and understood.  Our online courses are not a new thing for us (neither is teaching Hypnobirthing!).  We know what works and what doesn’t with our tried and tested 5* rated courses

Let’s take you from bricking it to feeling like a SUPERHERO!  

(FYI the ‘taking you to feeling like a superhero’ is NOT a random phase we have decided to use… one of our amazing clients sent us a birth story telling us THIS is exactly how she felt!)

how does it work and what do you get?

6 hours of coaching LIVE through zoom with not one but TWO hypnobirthing teachers, plus some home study,  shed LOADS of additional content (see the full list below) and ONGOING SUPPORT

These courses are perfect if you want a course that takes place remotely.  It’s possible to have a birth partner join from another location (perfect if you or your partner is working away!), struggle with childcare or perhaps work a weekend which is when we offer our in person courses. 

You can join us in your PJ’s, eat your tea and relax from the comfort of your own home all while learning the good stuff!

Online courses are split up into 3 x 2 hour sessions which are super interactive and empowering as well as an additional 3 x 75 minute sessions of yoga, breathing and relaxation. 

So that’s 9.75hours in total PLUS additional video workshops and ONGOING SUPPORT


what we cover

Our in online, live and interactive courses cover ALL the good stuff you would get through out in person intensive courses and will leave you feeling supported, prepared and ready to rock your big day!  We get you feeling like this by covering: 

  • Techniques to enable you to feel in control throughout pregnancy, labour and birth 
  • How the body works in labour and how to increase all the amazing GOOD birth hormones, including your bodies natural pain relief
  • How to create a calming and relaxing environment, both home and hospital 
  • How to rock an abdominal birth and induction … it is TOTALLY possible to use our techniques if you birth this way
  • Your rights! 
  • Stages of labour and how to remain positive, empowered and even calm 
  • Birth partner role, including easy to follow ‘checklists’
  • Essential decision making tools to enable you to make INFORMED choices 
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques 



what you get

6 hours of coaching PLUS 3 additional 75 minute sessions of mindset, yoga, breathing and relaxation! 

  • Downloadable relaxation MP3’s to use during labour and birth
  • The Align Your Baby online video course (worth £26.40)
  • What’s App group chat with all the other parents to be from your group so you can build a community
  • The Empowered Bumps interactive workbook (you can’t get this anywhere else!)
  • Access to the Empowered Bumps client only recourse area (on the website) filled with affirmations, links and additional relaxation scripts
  • 3 x 75 minute classes of either relaxation or pregnancy yoga and breathing (through Zoom) 
  • Breastfeeding preparation workshop (recorded to watch in your own time) 
  • An introduction to Slings video from Becky Sling Consultant (it’s not as hippy as it sounds!) 
  • Pregnant & Postnatal Yoga tips in video format to follow along at home from Sharron our yoga teacher and Lizzie Edwards Yoga
  • Ongoing support through text, email and phone
£185 Per birther, birth partner joins for free 
(£50 deposit required to secure a booking and balance can be split over 3 months if required)

sound good?
pick your dates and book your course!



If you are due Jan – March 


7:30pm – 9:30pm

26th Nov, 3rd & 10th Dec 



If you are due Jan – March 


7:30pm – 9:30pm

2nd, 9th & 16th Dec



If you are due Feb – April 


7:30pm – 9:30pm

14th, 21st & 28th Jan



If you are due April – June


7:30pm – 9:30pm

25th Feb, 4th & 11th March 


Spaces are very LIMITED on our online, live zoom courses, just like they are in person. We want to make sure you really get the most from it so we will never overfill our courses.  

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