Birth Stories
February 25, 2021

Michelle’s 4th baby, and oh was it lovely!

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Allura Sheila 23.7.20 weight 7LB.

Michelle said: “I am so glad I contacted you, because you were amazing Jenie! Even though I was 45 years old and having my 4th baby, I wanted help, and you proved it’s never too late to get help. The whole experience was so different to my other births, so much better, even with all the Covid-19 restrictions. I felt confident, happy and fearless this time, and it made such a difference! I can look back and smile about this labour and birth, and it’s all thanks to you helping me change my mindset. Your a great teacher, so supportive and easy to talk to. Thank you so much from both of us x”

Michelle was evening smiling ???? in labour!!!! You rocked it ????????????