Birth Stories
February 25, 2021

Lockdown couldn’t stop these guys!

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‘A first time mummy in lockdown wasn’t what I had planned but I tried to do everything I could to control the controllables and let the rest of the crazy world do it’s thing around me.

My husband & I did the hypnobirthing course online with Jenie & in all honesty I didn’t think it would be for me as I don’t really “relax” or do yoga but I can honestly say it couldn’t have helped me more. Doing it online wasn’t my ideal either as I benefit from face to face learning much more but Jenie supported us with zoom calls, texts and forums to chat to other mums to be, such a big help when you haven’t been able to attend any antenatal classes and try and prepare as you usually would.

It was such a huge support in the build up to the arrival of our first baby.⠀

I had a long (3 day) latent labour which was tough mentally and physically as I had no sleep for 3 nights & had to keep control of the situation. That said, the hypnobirthing techniques maintained my focus the entire time & helped me manage the surges & kept my breathing on track. The tens machine & Swiss birth were also a god send for me personally to help with my comfort & control.

Once I was in established labour this was when my mindset really kicked in and achieving my “blue sky” birth plan I had prepared with Jenie was my aim. My labour lasted 7 hours & throughout I felt relaxed, in control of my body and my breathing & concentration was strong as I wasn’t panicking as I understood what my body had to do.

I delivered our very own little water baby in the birth pool on July 13th with only gas & air and caught our beautiful baby girl in my arms. Surreal & incredible. A little miracle even.

The preparation certainly removed the fear factor for me and having the support from Jenie and the hypnobirthing techniques certainly made the experience a far more liberating and controlled one. We even think we’d have the next one at home … if we are so lucky!(who knows?!) Thanks for everything Jenie xxx’