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I have been there, wanting to leave the 9-5 but not knowing where to even start.   Almost crippled by self limiting beliefs, worried about money, filling courses and terrified it will never be enough.  IT CAN... 



I'm Jenie, hypnobirthing and baby massage Instructor, birth and postnatal doula and upping my game once more qualifying as an NLP Practitioner and Breakthrough Business Coach.

Mum to two beautiful, wild girls, wife to Steven, daughter, sister, friend and someone who can help you take your business to the next level.


Five years ago when I trained up, it was only ever meant to be a 'hobby job'.  Yes, of course I wanted it to be enough to do full time but I never thought that was even possible.  When I first started, I struggled to fill courses, I was shit at talking about money and charging properly and found myself constantly comparing myself to people. 

Fast forward five years of trial and error, testing the water, working with some amazing coaches, training and re training and here we are.   Five years on from where it all began I have three amazing Hypnobirthing Instructors and a pregnancy yoga teacher working under the Empowered Bumps umbrella.  Consistently fully booked group courses in multiple locations every month, and I've opened up my own pregnancy and baby studio which is currently home to 17 wonderful businesses that are smashing it! 

So no, I'm not talking out of my arse.  It is totally possible for it to be enough BUT, I don't think it happens by just a wish and a prayer! 



  • You are wanting to shake things up and make BIG changes in your business and mindset to achieve your goals.
  • You want more but are easily overwhelmed and distracted.
  • You want to create and fill courses and sessions that are unique to you, for YOUR ideal clients.
  • You want a job that works for you, focused on your values.
  • You are ready to leave your comfort zone.
  • You struggle with impostor syndrome, pricing and how to package up your services.
  • You want a combination of mentoring with breakthrough business coaching and NLP to support and help you achieve your goals and smash through any limiting beliefs.
  • You like a no nonsense approach.
  • You don't want to find your own feet and step into your own true self.

This is going to help you get SUPER clear and make the changes you need to create your goal.   

If the way do think and do things doesn't change, the current outcome will never change. You have got all the power within you, let's unleash it!


Let's be clear, this is not about me.  This is about YOU.  I don't want to turn you into me, I want you to find your own path, to dream big, make space and smash your goals ... even if you have no idea how (at the moment).  This is about unlocking what you already have within you.

The problem is, most of the time it's easier said than done isn't it.  It's easy to get bogged down with the 'lack of', worried about money, constant comparisons, feeling anxious because of new competition in your area, not having enough and trapped in a cycle of overwhelm.

Don't let that internal dialog be your story.  I absolutely LOVE working with people who struggle with mindset especially around competition,   who want to charge MORE and make their business work for them, not the other way around!

Sound good?

Scroll down to see what I do...



What it includes:

  • Pre work
  • 12 hours of live coaching on zoom (split up over 8 sessions)
  • Live Facebook videos when things come up to support you
  • Facebook group to build community and for accountability 
  • Worksheets, guides & self study to support you
  • Tailored support for the full 3 months 
  • 3 x 1:1 sessions (NLP to smash limiting beliefs and Breakthrough Business Coaching) 

Plus the bonuses:

  • 1 hour group masterclass with Lucia, 'The Social Girl', taking you through organic reach, Instagram, increasing following and sales.
  • 1 group EFT (emotional freedom technique) session.
  • Extra sessions in addition to the coaching focusing on more practical things like how to fill tasters and convert, switching up your course to make sure it flows for YOU and you love teaching it, how to make sessions interactive and how to run great in person classes.
  • 1 hour copywriting masterclass to enable you to create engaging content and blogs 


Group programme starts at the beginning of October and will run for 3 months.  The course will take place through zoom and a private Facebook group.  The first 2 months will be our group coaching and mentoring calls, the worksheets and guides, and any 1:1 sessions you want to take out of the 3. 

The last month will be support through Facebook lives and What's app and any remaining 1:1 sessions.  For me this last month of tailored support is vital.  It's when you start to implement and see change.  Knowing you have someone to coach and mentor you is essential. 


£399 paid in full

OR 2 payments of £220

OR 4 payments of £105

But listen, I have been there and I know that money is not always in abundance.  So if you KNOW this is for you, you are ready and need to make the change and step things up BUT the money is stopping you, it is possible to split the payments up further so you pay less per month.  

(Just as a heads up, the value of this is insane and the price will be increasing from January 2022)


bespoke support, coaching & mentoring specially for birth and baby businesses

Want to create the change and prefer working with someone on a 1:1 basis, this is the one for you! 

Completely bespoke coaching, support and mentoring using Breakthrough Business Coaching, NLP and Time Line Therapy creating a POWERFUL combination to enable you to smash your limiting beliefs, create change and achieve your goals. 

Book a stand alone session or a block depending on your needs. 

Stand alone 90 minute POWER SESSION £100 includes notes, action plan, support through What's App for 2 weeks following the session

Fancy something a bit more long term? 

90 minute coaching sessions £90 each including notes &  What's App support (when committing to 3 or more in a 3 month window) 

If you are interested in 1:1 coaching, mentoring and support please get in touch to check availability and if we are the right fit.


Send me an email on info@ebhypnobirthing.co.uk or a text on 07903117772 to book in a FREE 20 minute call to see if this is right for you! 

Zoom sessions

Live and interactive ZOOM  coaching and mentoring sessions

Relaxation Audio

Downloadable relaxation MP3’s to help you chill out 

Personalised Support

Personalised support tailored to your needs.

NLP & Time Line Therapy

To smash through any lingering limiting beliefs or  something that is holding you back (NLP/ Time Line Therapy)

Group Support

What’s App group chat with all the other people on the programme if you working with me in a group setting. There is nothing quite like being lifted up by those who REALLY get you!

Interactive Worksheets

Great if you are one of those people who like prompts and to write things down to keep you on track! 

Private Facebook Group

Everyone who does a block of sessions with me or one to one coaching gets access to the Facebook group.