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February 25, 2021

Incredible unplanned home birth.

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Welcome to the world. A MUST READ (unplanned home birth). Many, many congratulations to Charlotte and Dan on the birth of their 2nd hypno-baby with us. Another unplanned home birth for these guys and they ROCKED IT!!!

“During this Covid crisis I attended Jenie’s hypnobirthing course for the second time to prepare my mind for the delivery of my second baby in a hospital setting. My surges started at 22:30 and grew steadily throughout the night. As I was 3 weeks early I took this time to create a happy space for myself whilst everyone else slept. The surges grew in to the next day.

During each surge I would move my body slowly, imagining looking through my body to relax my muscles ready for birth. This helped me focus on each surge, the more intense the surge the more detail I would imagine.

By 17:00 myself and my husband found ourselves surging and walking in to the hospital to hopefully start the delivery process. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be and we were sent home. This was my fear all along but once back in the car I re-grouped, placed my eye mask back on and focused. By this point my surges were intense and I used a chant to keep me focused “I am calm, centred and in control”. We chose to head to my mum and dads house as it was closer to the hospital than ours. There we shut ourselves in the lounge, created low lighting and placed my music on. It was important to me to not break my focus so did not engage in conversation and did not allow myself to acknowledge the different surroundings.

During each surge I found myself breathing deeply and rocking in a figure of eight, repeating slowly to myself “I am calm, centred and in control”. The midwife had asked that my surges were more regular and steady, so as a team we were timing each surge but they never became what the midwife had wanted. Therefore time moved on and at 20:40 my waters broke. My husband rang triage to let them know but I new my baby was coming fast and we would not make it there in time, my baby was coming in that lounge. The potential for panic and hysteria was so great at this point but myself and my husband focused and together made the whole experience totally calm and how we wanted it. At approx 20:55 my mum called for an ambulance. At 21:04 by baby boy was born in to my mums arms.

The ambulance arrived approx 20 mins later. During the delivery I stayed true to what I wanted to happen. I breathed my baby boy out, yes with the odd empowering roar here and there, but focused on him and allowing my body to do its amazing natural thing. The whole experience took all the mind power I had but I would not have had it any other way. Through determination, focus, sheer belief in myself and fundamentally an amazing birthing team beside me I was able to once again give my baby the best birth story ever.”

If you want to prepare for birth like Charlotte and Dan did 2 times give us a shout!