Birth Stories
October 18, 2020

“I was in the zone”

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It gives me SO MUCH JOY to be able to share this story with you! ❤️

These guys found me after being recommended by ????THREE???? couples they know who had also done courses with me over the last few years. When I was sent their birth story I cried ???? This is the story of their second baby the love, support connection shines through.

Thank you SO MUCH for preparing for birth with me. The transformation you guys have had is the reason why I do this job!

“Birth story:

So we were heading towards an induction and our zoom catch up really helped get our heads in the game with ideas of how to use our good hormones to help the process! We had plans for the week to come but baby had other ideas!

I ended up going to the maternity assessment unit on Sunday morning as it was suspected that waters had gone. It was suggested that an induction would be the way forward due to length of time and risk of infection. the breathing techniques really helped with all the V.E.s

I was taken to the maternity ward and hooked up for baby to be monitored, listening to my playlists and using aromatherapy to stay cool, calm and collected ???????? it was decided to wait for starting induction for a couple of hours as I was having some irregular contractions. During this time, as Steve wasn’t able to be with me due to covid, I read through my affirmations, listened (and danced) to my happy playlist and bounced on the ball that the midwife gave me ???????? good hormones all the way! Then listened to a guided meditation.

At 5pm the midwives came to take me to delivery suite to break my waters that were in the way and potentially start on the drip. I asked to walk up the stairs and when we got into the delivery room the contractions started properly as if from nowhere!

I had a good chat with the midwife about hypnobirthing and what we were hoping for and she had used hypnobirthing for her labour and was really supportive and brought in lots of mood lighting and all sorts!

Steve made it to the hospital and was an amazing partner, helping me with breathing and affirmations, we were a real team! I kept mobile throughout which the midwife helped to make it possible. Had a little wobble during transition but with Steve and the midwife and my understanding of what was happening I was able to get my head back in the zone.

Baby came within 2 hours if going up to delivery suite. Baby’s shoulders were stuck so had to go onto my back for her finally coming out but all the decisions totally felt like they were joint and we were really listened to. There was some drama once she was out but to me it didn’t feel scary at all because I was in the zone. Steve ended up doing the first hour of skin to skin as I had to go to theatre once baby was born.

Me and Steve are so so glad we did hypnobirthing and feel really positive about the birth. When we started this journey we were quite anxious following our first birth experience but your support throughout has been so valuable and life changing! I would recommend hypnobirthing and specifically empowered bumps to anyone and everyone! Thank you so much!”

I can’t wait to see you guys at baby classes soon! Many, many congratulations again YOU DID IT!!!!! ????????????????