Birth Stories
July 14, 2022

Hypnobirth at Ormskirk Maternity- ‘I can’t express how proud I am of her’

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Welcome to the world and congratulations!!!

Bianca and James welcomes their little lady into the world and have given me permission to share this with you.

These guys prepared for birth with pregnancy yoga, relaxation and Hypnobirthing PLUS.

‘Mum and baby doing really well. Bianca did absolutely amazingly.

We came to hospital about 11 oclock last night after the waters broke at 10 oclock. They did an examination and said that bianca was only dilated 3cm and not considered to be in established labour. So they prescribed her some Codene and sent us home.

We were at home until about 2-2.30, bianca had been doing really well and with the hypnobirthing techniques she was powering through the contractions.

Then she decided she felt like she was pushing and thought she was having a pro lapse.

We called the hospital and they said to come back down…turns out she was crowning and was fully established.

We got to the hospital at about 2.30 and baby was born at 0314 with no extra pain killers.

The midwives and doctors were amazed at how quickly it was and how far along bianca was when we arrived here.

She’s done absolutely brilliantly. Can’t express how proud I am of her.’