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I know what you are thinking. Feeling like superwoman is so far removed from how you felt last time or how you have heard it can be, it’s not how it is on the TV and so on, it’s not possible, feeling like super woman 

I am not talking about having your baby a certain way, with no pain relief listening to yoga music. I am talking about feeling in control, powerful, ready to rock… a bit like super woman…HOWEVER YOU BIRTH!!

Btw the reason I use transforming you from bricking it to feeling like ‘Super Woman’ because I was sent an amazing birth story from a second time mother who told me THIS was the exact transformation she felt.  So, if a real-life women can transform her feelings like that, you can too!

(If you want to read her empowering birth story click here and there are LOADS of others here)

I know you may be worried about your birth partner thinking that it’s all woo woo and maybe even a waste of money and time BUT this may the best money you spend throughout your whole pregnancy, let’s face it we can all fall victim to buying stuff we will never use (like a super posh designated nappy bin in my case)  …  This is not one of those things, you WILL definitely use this!   

This is something that can and will give you the things you need to transform how you feel throughout pregnancy and techniques you can use for life (like when you have a challenging day with a free willed toddler!)  

so, how can you empower your birth?

‘Empower My Birth – Hypnobirthing PLUS’ is exactly what it suggests.  Its MORE than a typical hypnobirthing course, its interactive and is really centred around practical and realistic techniques to help increase your comfort levels throughout pregnancy, labour and birth… there will be no vagina whispering or chanting don’t worry!!

This is for people who want to feel pumped, prepared and empowered.  

Our Hypnobirthing PLUS courses are tried and tested, (Empowered Bumps have supported over 250 couples so far as well as our weekly pregnancy classes) with our PRACTICAL & INTERACTIVE courses which include all the extras you need and deserve.  I’m talking additional pregnancy yoga and breathing sessions, additional relaxation and mindset sessions, mummy to be community, video content on ‘Mindful Breastfeeding’, ONGOING SUPPORT and LOADS more! 

Each hypnobirthing course will be limited in size to ensure you can ask the questions you want and get to know the other parents to be.  We also set up a What’s App chat for your group so you can keep in contact with the other parents to be throughout your journey into parenthood.  In the past this has been a massive bonus for our parents to be with them all meeting up for BBQ’s and even christenings!!  Not forgetting you can continue you journey into parenthood with our nurturing baby massage and yoga classes too! 

We offer our Empower My Birth Hypnobirthing courses in Southport, Ormskirk, Liverpool, Crosby and wigan in groups and on a 1:1 basis across Merseyside and Lancashire. 

RATED 5*****

SO HOW CAN YOU LEARN hypnobirthing plus WITH US?

There are a few ways to make sure you find the right fit! 

You can learn in person with us in small groups or on a private 1:1 basis in your own home.   We cover Southport, Formby, Liverpool, Ormskirk, Maghull, Wigan, Chorley and Preston .. so basically Merseyside & South Lancashire! We have venues for group courses in Southport, Crosby and Wigan. 

If you are after a LIVE online course through ZOOM then we have you covered too!  We offer our intensive ‘Empower My Birth’ courses through zoom on a weekday evening (3 x 2 hour sessions, consecutive weeks).  These courses cover all the same content as our in person courses do, just from the comfort of your own home!  

our signature birth preparation courses

After years of feedback, listening to people just like you we developed our ‘signature’ course.  It’s tried, tested and delivers BIG results!  It may be a little shorter on classroom time but we are not scrimping on content!  It’s because the sometimes cringy things like  watching birth videos or doing shed loads of semi intimate relaxations we leave for you do to at home, where you can feel completely at ease and relaxed.  Plus I used to work shifts and a lot of our parents to be do too, so splitting it up over 2/3/4 sessions just doesn’t work for everyone!

6 hours of hypnobirthing coaching plus additional video content to work through, personalised support if your circumstances change or you have a wobble, ongoing group support. 

What you get with our signature course: 

  • Downloadable relaxation MP3’s to use during labour and birth
  • Personalised support if your circumstances change or you have a wobble to get you back feeling pumped and ready
  • The Align Your Baby online video course (worth £26.40), this is amazing at helping you to feel more physically comfortable throughout pregnancy as well as labour and birth
  • What’s App group chat with all the other parents to be from your group so you can build a community
  • Monthly meet ups with us and other mummies to make friends and get support (when guidelines allow!) 
  • When things return to normal we will resume our coffee, drinks and meal out meet ups in person (we have even been to Bongo’s Bingo in the past .. obviously when you have had your baby!!) 
  • The Empowered Bumps interactive workbook (you can’t get this anywhere else!)
  • Materials to make your own ‘birth board’ 
  • Access to the Empowered Bumps client only recourse area (on the website) filled with affirmations, links and additional relaxation scripts
  • 33% off our weekly pregnancy classes 
  • Pregnancy yoga sequences to increase comfort throughout pregnancy
  • ‘Mindful Breastfeeding’ video to get you off to an amazing start should you wish to breastfeed
  • ‘Sling Wearing’ videos (it’s not as hippy as it sounds!)
  • Ongoing support
£185 Per birther, birth partner comes for free
(£50 deposit required to secure a booking and balance can be split over 3 months if required)  

Online ZOOM  courses are available. They take place over 3 sessions 7:30pm – 9:30pm which are perfect if you want to stay in your PJ’s and eat your tea while learning! 

**Please note deposits are none refundable.  Once a deposit is received you have access to client only content, relaxation MP3s and can book your additioal sessions.   

You are booking on to a course to prepare for the birth of your baby knowning we are in the middle of a global pandemic and things are changing all the time.  

It is our intention to offer the courses above in person.  If the guidelines change and we are not able to run in person the courses will take place on the same day and time as you are booking onto but through ZOOM an online platform. 

Should you not be able to attend due to self isolation (but you are well) you will be able to attend virtually  the course through zoom.  

Please read the FULL terms and conditions when booking.


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