Birth Stories
February 25, 2021

Emma and Toms 2nd Hypnobirth, a home birth

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Many congratulations to this lovely couple. Ema and Tom prepared for the birth of thier 2nd baby with our ‘Empower My Birth, Hypnobirthing PLUS course.’

Ema used the method with baby number one and loved it SO MUCH so did another course for baby number 2! Welcome to whe world Cole Thomas 9lb 14.5 born 8/10/20 5:47am

Ema said: “I want to say a big Thank You to you for teaching Hypnobirthing the way you do! It made me feel much more comfortable when my blue sky birth wasn’t going the way I expected it to. I felt informed and calm through the whole experience and that was down to what we learnt at your hypnobirthing.”

Looking forward to sharing the full story with you soon! If you want to prepared for birth like Ema and Tom then give me a shout Our courses are online and in person and include LOADS of extras like additional sessions, breastfeeding and sling workshops and ONGOING SUPPORT.