Birth Trauma Recovery

3 step rewind method


A gentle way to lift traumatic feelings relating to pregnancy, labour and birth

Approximately 30% of parents in the UK will describe their birth as traumatic.  It doesn’t just effect mothers but partners and birth professionals too.

Sometimes the feeling of trauma can come from pregnancy, labour and feeding not just the birth itself.  Feelings of anxiety, loss of control and not being listened to, to name a few and sometimes lead to anger, upset, fear and guilt.

What if we could do something about it? 

The 3 Step Rewind Method is a gentle and safe way of working with parents and other birth professionals to lift the heavy feelings and symptoms that can remain after a difficult or traumatic birth, post natal or breast feeding experience, or any other perinatal trauma.

The method naturally activates a person’s own ability to heal themselves through memory and guided relaxation.  Another way to describe it may be to neutralise the negitive or traumatic emotions from the memory.  While we cannot go back in time, we can look to heal or think about the event differently which can impact the future.

I have worked with many clients since qualifying in early 2020. I have seen and experienced first hand the life changing impact 3 step rewind can have.  

If this sounds like something that may benefit you please get in touch.

The process takes place over 2 -3 sessions (depending on you) , usually a week apart and can be face to face or through Zoom.

If it sounds like something for you please give me a call or text on 07903117772 or email me on



For the full process (2-3 sessions).  £50 deposit required to secure a booking with the balance due within 2 months of booking.
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**Please note deposits are non-refundable. Once a deposit is received you have access to client-only content, relaxation MP3s, and can book your additional sessions. You are booking on to a course to prepare for the birth of your baby knowing we are in the middle of a global pandemic and things are changing all the time. It is our intention to offer the courses above in person. If the guidelines change and we are not able to run in-person the courses will take place on the same day and time as you are booking onto but through ZOOM an online platform. Should you not be able to attend due to self-isolation (but you are well) you will be able to attend virtually the course through zoom. Please read the FULL terms and conditions when booking.