A doula pronounced ‘doo la’ originates from the Ancient Greek word to mean female servant or slave.  In modern day doulas are sometimes referred to as birth companions or support.  A doula is a non medical person who provides the mother to be with continuous support and assists her before birth, during the birth and after.  A doula complements the mothers birth partner/ support team as well as the medical team; she does not take their place.

Research has shown having a doula present at birth:

Shortens first-time labour by an average of 2 hours
Decreases the chance of a caesarean section by 50%
Decreases the need for pain medication
Helps fathers participate with confidence
Increases success in breastfeeding
Decreases risk of PND

Source: “Mothering the Mother”, Klaus, Kennell & Klaus 1993.


As a doula my aim is to fully support you unconditionally and to help you achieve a positive birth experience.  I will provide you (and your birth partner) with information to help you make informed decisions, support you both physically and emotionally, will advocate for you and help you to become more comfortable.

During antenatal sessions we will discuss birth preferences, look at various comfort measures for labour such as massage, counter pressure, light touch, rebozo as well as breathing and relaxation techniques.

I am a qualified hypnobirthing practitioner and so if you wish to learn hypnobirthing this is something we can explore.

Every person and birth is different, we all have different needs and requirements, please contact me to discuss your individual needs.

As a guide I have detailed below what is included as ‘standard’ in my doula support package, there is also an option to add on Hypnobirthing (at a discounted rate), should you wish to learn.


Pre Natal Support

Two in depth antenatal visits tailored for you.
De-brief previous birth experiences (if you have one)
Information to help you make informed decisions
Help putting together a ‘birth plan’ (if you are wanting to do one)
Comfort measures to establish what you would like such as massage, rebozo, relaxation and breathing techniques

This is not an extensive list

The Birth

I will go ‘on call’ for you from 38 weeks gestation until you have your baby. When labour starts you can give me a call (at any time of the day or night) and we will discuss how you feel and when you would like me to join you.  I will support you at home or should you be wanting to transfer to hospital I will transfer with you.  I will be with you throughout labour and support you how you wish to be supported.   I will stay with you after the birth for 2 hours should you wish.

 Post Natal Support

Up to two post natal visits tailored to your needs.  We can de-brief the birth in as much or as little detail as you wish, I can support you with feeding options if you wish and help you to feel confident in your new role as a mummy.

As part of one of the post natal visits I offer all my doula clients a ‘Closing the Bones’ ceremony to honour the body after childbirth. For more information on ‘Closing the Bones’ please take a look at the page.


In addition to the above doula package I offer option of adding on either an ‘Intensive 8 hour Hypnobirthing Course’ or a ‘Full 10 hour Hypnobirthing Course’ on top of the antenatal visits.  These visits can be split to suit yourself into either 2, 3 or 4 sessions and can be of varying durations to suit you.  All hypnobirthing materials are provided which include; KG Hypnobirthing Book, KG Hypnobirthing MP3/ CD, comprehensive parent folder to aid practice at home, lavender eye pillow, printed affirmations and come in a #EMPOWEREDMAMA cotton tote bag.

If you wanted to add hypnobirthing on to a doula package you would receive £75 off an intensive course, £75 off a group hypnobirthing course or £100 off a private hypnobirthing course.   

Doula clients are invited to join me for ‘Group Pregnancy Relaxation’ sessions free of charge at the Massage Therapy Rooms by Aimee in Southport.

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