There is NO point ….

There is NO point ….

This is something I hear ALL the time and you know what this REALLY irritates me. Hypnobirthing is for ALL births and actually if your birth does end up going down an intervention route or maybe not to your preferred plan being informed, knowing your options and how to help yourself is vital.

There is a proper misconception that you can only ‘hypnobirth’ if you are having a spontaneous vaginal birth. That a ‘hypnobirth’ is for women who want to listen to hippy music and surrounded by candles. Who said you couldn’t have a hypno caesarean? Where does that idea even come from?? 🤔

Not everyone can have a vaginal birth. There are lots of situations where its not possible or it is highly recommended that an induction or c-section takes place as it is in the best interest for mother and baby. So why does this mean you shouldn’t do any prep?

There is so much value in feeling prepared, positive, supported and informed. Imagine having your baby and then finding out you could have had something you would have loved but you didn’t even know it was a thing. Imagine going for an induction knowing how to help yourself to feel more comfy, your birth partner knew how to support you properly and you felt in control.

Don’t get me wrong there are some brands and some courses what do only focus on vaginal births and don’t talk at all about intervention. That isn’t an Empowered Bumps course! To put this into perspective I have done group courses where there have been women booked in for an elective c-section and also a couple who where planning a home birth, two completely opposite ends of the spectrum. For the couple having the c-section it was still important they knew how to relax, breathe, set up a ‘nest’ at home on the run up to the big day and what things they could do to physically feel more comfy and positive. For the people planning to birth at home it was important they knew about a c-section just in case they needed one. Included in a course is ongoing support so we keep in contact frequently to discuss options again and make sure you are 100% confident and happy and a client resource page as well as access to all my books.

👉Hypnobirthing PLUS with Empowered Bumps is not exclusively for vaginal births. Hypnobirthing is for ALL BIRTHS. 👊

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