Engagement and birth …

Engagement and birth …

5 years ago today Steven asked me to marry him, and obviously I said yes and on Wednesday it will be a 4 year wedding anniversary (so expect a soppy blog haha).

As soon as he popped the question I was already planning the day in my head.  Within about 3 weeks we had found a venue and started to REALLY plan our wedding.  For basically a whole year of my life I researched everything; cars, flowers, favours, dresses, drink, a magician (yep we had one of those too!) as well as a photographer and all the other stuff we do to prepare for a wedding.  Pretty much everyone does.  Even if you are planning a small wedding you will still do some sort of research and look at your options. 

Do you see where this is going now….??

OPTIONS – There are loads of them when you get married aren’t there.  And you know what? There are loads of them when you have a baby too.  BUT so many people just accept the first thing that is offered to them when they are expecting a baby. Which is a little bit crap really as we all have different needs, expectations and desires and one size doesn’t fit all.   

My barn wedding with a magician, afternoon tea and a hog roast was amazing for me but it may not be up your street and that’s fine… it was my wedding not yours.  In the same way you may be happy to have a vaginal examination or a sweep as an example but others may not want that.  Until you actually know your options your don’t have any.

To put this another way.  Imagine going to book your dream wedding venue.  On all the pictures it has round tables and they are what they normally put out.  BUT you really would prefer tables in lines.  If you don’t ask if that’s an option or tell them that’s what you want you will get the round ones, wont you! This goes back to again if you don’t know your options you don’t have any.

If you want to know your options and fancy feeling empowered, confident and excited about birth maybe a Practical Hypnobirthing PLUS course with me is for you.  I am all about options and helping you find the best fit for you. 

The next group course is full and I have limited availability for July and August so if you want to book on then you best be quick!

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