How to prepare for birth when your bricking it!

How to prepare for birth when your bricking it!

How to prepare for birth when you’re bricking it.

Excited about having a baby but absolutely bricking it about the fact that you have to birth a baby?  Yep, well you are not alone, believe me!  I have helped SOOO many people just like you and I can help you too!

The thing is, you do have to birth your baby …. So instead of dreading the day you meet your baby lets do something constructive to positively prepare for the day. 

Here are my top 10 tips:

  • If ANYONE and I mean anyone starts to tell you a birth story in a negative way tell them NO. Don’t feed your mind negative suggestions or information that isn’t relevant to you, this is your baby and your birth not theirs!
  • Stop watching ‘One Born Every Minute’ or any programme or film that shows birth in a negative way. Its not helpful at all and not every birth is like that by any stretch of the imagination.
  • Write some positive affirmations or statements and then scatter them around your house.
  • Do your research. Have a think about what it is that is really bothering you and then find out information about it.  Say you are worried about having a c section, find out how you can make it more ‘you friendly’… because you can!
  • Make time for yourself to bond with your baby. A bath, gentle walk or meditation whatever works for you.
  • Pick your birth partner wisely. Please note this can be anyone as long as you trust them and they want to support you.
  • After you have selected your birth partner get them involved! There are LOADS of things they can do to encourage a positive mindset and help prepare you for the big day.
  • Join a pregnancy class or two! There are so many amazing classes to pick from each offering different things from weekly relaxation classes to pregnancy yoga.
  • Make new mummy to be friends (you will meet loads in pregnancy classes) to share your journey with. Start building your village now for when you have had your baby.
  • Remember YOU ARE AMAZING!!

I offer weekly pregnancy classes and also teach practical birth preparation courses.  These are a great way to prepare for birth with other mummies to be just like you.  Remember you are not alone, I have your back!

Jenie xx

P.S –Get in touch or take a look around the website and Facebook page for upcoming classes, workshops and courses. 

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