Hypnobirthing  & Intervention

Hypnobirthing & Intervention

Can you still hypnobirth and have intervention?

There is a strong belief  that hypnobirthing and intervention don’t mix. I get it, I do. The word hypnobirthing conjures up images of natural, silent, home births lit with only candle light and possibly even some chanting going on but to be honest if you do end up going down the intervention route it will probably be of more value to you. 

This is strange… I am a hypnobirthing teacher and I am actually saying that regardless of if you do the course intervention is a possibility. Why? Partly because of the system we live in, because for years and years we have been brainwashed not to trust our bodies, because many women feel like and believe they have no rights when it comes to birth (which BTW is TOTAL BULLSHIT) and so many people tell you how awful birth is from the minute you get pregnant.  There are also other reasons like positioning of baby and health reasons for mum and baby which may mean intervention is strongly recommended but this doesn’t mean you have no options and that all is lost if you had wished for a home birth! 

   Listen, nearly one in four women in the UK are induced and our c section rates are pretty high. BUT this does not mean for one minute that preparing yourself if pointless. 

If anything because of these stats it’s even more important that you are informed, know how to navigate your way around birth and know YOU DO HAVE OPTIONS

The hypnobirthing PLUS course I teach aims to empower you regardless of the direction birth takes. I teach birth partners how to make you more comfy in pregnancy. I want you to HAVE A VOICE and feel rock your birth regardless of the direction it goes.  These are skills for pregnancy, birth and LIFE.

You know what…. 
It IS possible to have a positive induction
It IS possible to make a caesarean ‘you friendly’
You DO have a voice and options 

You have options all the time. You can choose how you prepare for birth. THE POWER IS YOURS. It’s there for the taking. 

I would strongly recommend reading some positive stories of births that involved intervention to help fill your mind full of positively  You will find loads on the website, so fill your boots! 

If you want to learn hypnobirthing in a way that can be used for ALL births then get in touch.  Courses run every month in SMALL groups so you can ask questions and the content is tailored to your needs as well as ongoing support. 

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