The birth of Evelyn

The birth of Evelyn

Many congratulations to Zoe and Simon on the birth of their beautiful little girl Evelyn. This wonderful couple prepared for birth with an Empowered Bumps hypnobirthing course and pregnancy relaxation classes. 

Evelyn arrived a little earlier than expected but these two where prepared for not just their ‘plan a’ so where able to navigate themselves through and had an amazing positive birth experience. 

Zoe said: 

“We knew that we both wanted to go into birth and parenthood prepared and informed. After researching various options, we decided to sign up for Jenie’s hypnobirthing course. 

We thoroughly enjoyed the course alongside three other birth pairs. We left with catchy mnemonics and tonnes of practical ‘can do’ tips to arm us for the birth that we hoped for.

Thankfully, Jenie encourages you to consider all the different scenarios that could happen at birth and how you can feel empowered through each. So when at 32 weeks we were told that an emergency c-section was necessary, although scary, we were able to switch the script. For example we were pleased that despite the situation Simon was able to announce the gender of our baby. I drew on all of the skills from the relaxation classes and course itself to remain as calm as possible throughout.

Most importantly for us though was the confidence to question that Jenie had given us through the course. This made us the best possible advocates for our little girl as she spent time in neonatal care. The work which I’d put into my birth boards, which lay at home, was not wasted. The positive affirmations became relevant to supporting our little girl through her medical journey.

I can’t wait to attend baby massage with Jenie and I know Si will be looking out for a Dad’s class! xx”

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story and i cant wait to see you guys again at baby classes soon xx


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