Birth Partners – Don’t forget your umbrella!

Birth Partners – Don’t forget your umbrella!

Birth Partners …. Don’t forget your UMBRELLA

This is a REALLY great tool FOR BIRTH PARTNERS to use as a sort of mini checklist of things they can be helping you with in labour.

Upright – helping you to remain in an upright position.

Movement – walking, rotating, yoga positions, lunges, swaying basically anything to help you stay a little more active and keep moving.

Breathing – a tool that will keep you going when you get into the full swing of labour. Learning different breathing techniques are a great and its brilliant if your partner knows them too so they can help keep you focused and on track.

Relaxation – staying nice and relaxed will help you to create lots of the good hormones you need for birth. It will also help you to remain focused and feel more in control.

Eating – keeping yourself topped up with nourishing food, snacks and drinks is really important. Birth partners can keep you hydrated by offering you drinks and keep your energy levels up by providing tasty snacks for you throughout labour.

Laughing – watch a funny video or do some karaoke … anything that will get you laughing as it produces oxytocin a POWERFUL hormone in labour.

Loo – yep that’s right! It may feel like you need the loo all the time now but when you are in labour it doesn’t always work that way. Birth partners can remind you to go the loo frequently and tell your midwife if she asks.

Assertiveness – it’s a really good idea that your birth partner is aware of your wishes and preferences for birth. Birth partners can be amazing advocates for you BUT only if there has been clear communication and understanding.

The hypnobirthing courses I teach are FULL of really useful things for birth partners and are focused around you guys achieving a positive experience regardless of how it goes down on the day.

If you would like to find out more about the courses I offer, whats included and how to book then get in touch.

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