Do you get out what you put in when it comes to birth??

Do you get out what you put in when it comes to birth??

When it comes to birth is the phrase ‘you get out what you put in’ appropriate?

I am going to controversially say yes I think it is, in a way.  Hear me out and let me explain before you shoot me down.

Some food for thought maybe?

If you think about your wedding day or buying a car do you do research? Why bother though … I mean you could just do what you are told first time around.

Is it because you want options? To make sure you got the ‘best fit’ for you? So when it comes to birth why do most people not put any effort in to looking into options or alternatives? We do it in nearly every other aspect of our lives yet not when it comes to birth … which arguably is far more important and life changing than buying a car!

If you can find time to research a holiday, car, prams then you can find the time to look into your birth options.

I come into contact with A LOT of expectant mummies and birth partners every week.  Usually they are not expecting their first child.  You know why they come to me? More often than not it’s because they did zero preparation for their first child and on the day of their birth they felt shit scared, out of control and pressured into things they didn’t know anything about and they don’t want to feel like this again.  I am not trying to suggest that if you do no preparation this is how birth will go at all. There are loads of people who do nothing but having amazing births and equally there are people who do loads of planning but birth doesn’t go to their plan a.  


What I am trying to say (maybe not very well) is that sometimes there are alternatives to things we are ‘offered’ as ‘standard’.  Things you would prefer but if you don’t know they exist you are not going to ask for them.  I realise right now some of you may be thinking that actually if there was an alternative then you would be offered it but that doesn’t always happen I’m afraid.     

Policies vary from area to area and so if you birth elsewhere then you may be offered or treated very differently.  Why is this important?  You don’t want to walk away from birth thinking it was awful and then find out there was something that you could have done/ had/ suggested that would have made you feel better.  Information is key, it gives you options that you probably didn’t realise where even available.    

So in a way you do get out what you put in. 

If you put in time, research and effort then you get out options. Options that can make all the difference to you.

If you want to find out your options then get in touch. Private hypnobirthing courses available throughout Lancashire and Merseyside.  Small group hypnobirthing courses available in Southport once a month.

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