Positive Pregnancy and Birth Relaxation classes??



Yep that’s right … a class to help you relax and feel positive about pregnancy and birth!

I know what you are thinking, you can relax at home so why bother coming to a class. What can you possibly do at the class that you couldn’t do at home on your own sofa or bed?!

Well I’m not sure about you but regardless of how relaxing I make my surroundings at home it’s never that relaxing.  For a start I am surround by a sea of plastic toys and the reminder that there is loads of housework to get done, then of course there are other people in the house and regardless of how quiet everyone is being … they are actually not!

Maybe I am too easily distracted but I almost feel guilty for relaxing at home when I know there is loads to get done.  And lets face it, when you are expecting there are LOADS of things to get done!

These classes are MORE than just relaxation.  It’s a safe place for you to come and open up with other mummies to be who feel the same as you.  It’s a place you can ask questions and start to unravel the crap people have been filling your head with about birth.  It’s a place you can gather information to help you navigate pregnancy and birth to help you feel more positive and yes I do share some shiny pearls of hypnobirthing wisdom along the way!


So what exactly happens in a pregnancy relaxation class?


Well when you arrive at the Massage Therapy Studios you are made a lovely herbal tea (my selection is pretty impressive!) and find a place to settle down in the beautiful candle lit room.  Yoga mats, blankets, cushions and lavender eye pillows are all provided for you to make yourselves super comfy.  We then crack open the biscuit tin and have a right good natter about pretty much anything you want really.  It could be something has come up in the week or something you want to know more about.  This is your opportunity to ask questions, learn you not doing this alone and that we got your back.  I will of course inject some nuggets of hypnobirthing wisdom on a different topic each week (topics may include home birth, C-sections, birth environment, things to help you relax …).

After we have done some myth busting and you are filled with positive birth information I take you through a breathing technique you can use in labour and then we hit the mats for a guided relaxation.  The relaxation scripts are to help you unwind, build self-confidence and reduce anxiety.

When you have come back to the room I will then top your drinks up, pass the biscuits around again and we all chill out and build upon motherhood community.

You then float home feeling pretty dam awesome knowing you ‘got this’ and will sleep well that night too!



Sessions are on every Wednesday at 7:15pm at the Massage Therapy Rooms by Aimee.


£30 for 4 sessions (do not have to be consecutive weeks)



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